The latest new crown protective clothing wearing and taking off process and precautions in 2022

  1. Preparation

①Preparation of medical staff: all protective equipment and supplies required for diagnosis and treatment operations

②Assessment before operation: whether the isolation type, protective clothing and other protective equipment are damaged

③Assessment environment: clean area, potentially polluted area, polluted area

  1. Operation process
  2. Preparation (clean area)

1) Wash your hands

2) hat

3) Wear a mask (medical protective mask)

4) Wear work clothes

5) Change work shoes

6) If the skin is damaged, put on a pair of gloves first

  1. Wear protective clothing (potentially contaminated areas)

7) Entering the potentially polluted area

8) Choose the appropriate size protective clothing, and put on the bottom first

9) Put on top again

10) Wear a hat

11) Unzip the zipper

  1. Others (potentially contaminated areas)

12) Wear protective goggles or a protective face shield

13) Wear gloves

14) Wear shoe covers

15) Wear a second layer of gloves to enter the contaminated area for operation

  1. Take off protective equipment
  2. Others (polluted areas)

1) Take off gloves and disinfect hands

2) Take off goggles or protective face shield: Pinch the side near the head or ear, take it off, and dispose of it in a medical waste container

  1. Take off protective clothing (polluted area)

3) Take off the protective clothing, first pull the zipper to the end

4) Pull the hat up and away from the head

5) Take off the sleeves

6) Take off the side roll from top to bottom, the contaminated side is inward, take off all and put it in the medical waste container

7) Take off shoe covers

8) Wash your hands or hand sanitizer

  1. Others (potentially contaminated areas)

9) Entering potentially contaminated areas

10) Wash your hands or hand sanitizer

11) Take off work clothes

12) Take off medical protective masks

13) Take off the hat

14) Wash your hands or hand sanitizer

15) Enter the cleaning area

16) Leave the cleaning area after bathing and changing clothes


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